Latest Personalized Quotes to Live by

These last two months, I have been posting targeted pics on Instagram with questions that may resonate with your own stories or concerns.

I also add well-known theories that have been scientifically proven such as Bowlby’s attachment theory, Kübler-Ross Five Stages of Grief and so on.

The psychodynamic course I attended in London insisted on the fact that the theories must be understood and used as complementary ones depending on the client’s needs and potential trauma. Therefore, I am neither Freudian nor Jungian, Kleinian, etc, but a psychodynamic counsellor and life coach using all the theories or a few of them if needs be.

My main aim is to help my clients feel good about themselves and understand the patterns they have developed by listening to them carefully and actively. The theories are just an added tool useful to my clients’ well-being.

Please find below a few of these pics. By following me on Insta and Twitter, you will see a new one each and every day!

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