Life Coaching

HOW to improve resilience and acceptance? Going through a career change? Expat, the reality doesn't live up to expectations, how to embrace this new change? Facing a tough life transition such as a divorce, job loss, or any other type of changes? Coping with an illness? Experiencing grief or loss? We set up a specific programme together in order to help you achieve your goals and alleviate your main concerns or soothe the current pain. In this context, the main question is HOW and the approach is SOLUTION-oriented. From 5 to 10 sessions depending on the goals and concerns.

Business Strategist

Boosting the performance of your company by boosting the performance of your team, hiring committed applicants, and clarifying your management style. Employee Engagement and Management Style are Keys! Take ACTION through Acceptance, Change, Training, Insight, optimisation, and Navigation NOW!


Feeling stuck, incomplete? WHY? We both try to get to the bottom of your issues and understand their ROOTS. Once you are able to identify the roots of your current issues or of the self-limiting beliefs you may have, you can face any obstacles life throws at you for you know HOW to respond to them DEEP DOWN inside. This approach based on my psychodynamic training usually requires more sessions. Counselling may be used for both spheres, personal and professional. Grief & Loss, Life Obstacles, Separation, Management Style, Expats dealing with a new environment.


When you move into an unfamiliar environment, your old habits are uprooted which in turn leads to a very disturbing inadequacy. This may cause psychological uncertainty, really tough to face in an unknown culture where no one seems to respond the same way you usually do. Click on the pic to know more on my EXPAT COACHING services.

Two New Packages

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Events on Expatriation & Well-Being

Regular events dedicated to expatriation, personal development
& well-being.

Interviewed by US-based YouTube Channel ExpatsEverywhere
Services described

1. Intercultural Coach & Life Coach
2. Counsellor, integrative approach


Active Listening


Freedom of choice

You make your own decisions, I provide the structure

Safe Space

Providing Empathy and Trust


You are busy and I am here to help you


Working together to the same end, self-improvement

New Perception

Achieve your goals based on the newly acquired perception

Ready? Enjoy the Ride!

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