Coach & Counsellor


Psychodynamic Course at WPF Therapy, Counselling & Analytical Skills, Accredited Member of APA Ltd (UK Membership Body for psychotherapists, mental health professionals & counsellors)

Hands-on Experiences

Expatriation, Cancer Helper, terminally-ill patients, emotional support, personal development, and Team Management

Corporate World

Former Branch and Sales Manager in Paris. Founder of an events company in London.

Introducing myself

Training and Hands-on Experiences in Mental Health

I was trained and certified as a psychodynamic counsellor in London where I luckily lived for over 10 years. I moved quite recently to Paris. I am also a jazz dancer and creative entrepreneur!

I am an accredited member of APA Membership body in the UK (UK Membership Body for psychotherapists, mental health professionals & counsellors).

In London, I joined a psychological support group at the NHS offering emotional support to cancer-stricken patients. I also volunteered for Marie Curie Cancer Care to help terminally-ill patients die in the comfort of their homes.

I studied psychodynamic theories & psychoanalysis at WPF Therapy and at AGIP, a Jungian Institute in London.

The counselling services I provide are based on the psychodynamic training I underwent. The approach is integrative using psychodynamic theories as well as other complementary approaches. Learn  more about the ‘psychodynamic’ approach here!

The coaching services help you get back on the right track with a bespoke plan/programme to help you reach YOUR goals and learn to live in the here and now, strengthening your skills and self-confidence.

Business Experiences - Corporate World

In a quite recent past, I used to be a sales and branch manager in the real estate field, managing teams of about 30 consultants.


  • Recruiting international property consultants, screening applications, sourcing via LinkedIn and other social media tools from beginning to end, managing and setting up interviews.
  • Calling candidates, negotiating the pay rate provided and closing candidates on right time. Writing job descriptions and organizing specific events.
  • Managing the sales process with the sales team, coaching them, and creating motivating workshops. Strengthening the retention program.
  • Developing and Achieving sales goals and office objectives.
  • Developing social media communication via Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook as well as blogging.

I had set up my own company specialised in bespoke private events in London based on culture and arts.

I recently thought it was high time I started creating a helpful and insightful activity thanks to the courses I attended, the skills I have been enhancing, and the different experiences I have learnt from. More details on Linkedin

Personal Experiences

Even though I was lucky to be and feel loved by my parents, diseases have played a big role in my whole life.
 My father was diagnosed terminally-ill when I was 19 and he died of cancer after a 5-year fight. I lost many relatives to cancer since then, hence my strong involvement in this specific area.
I have had to make other tough decisions in my personal life. I must say the psychodynamic course I attended and the compulsory therapy I was in for many years have been life-changing. Therapy opened my mind and truly changed my life positively.

The Input I provide - In Brief

All I want for others is to feel aligned with themselves, their own values -not anyone else’s. To some, it may be coming to terms with the grieving or wounded child inside; to others, it may be learning to live in the here and now with specific goals, or a combination of both.


  • Increase the turnover and revenue of your company and business activities by boosting the involvement, motivation, understanding and communication of your team.
  • Understanding diversity and globalisation.
  • Hiring motivated candidates willing to adopt the style of your company and promote its values.
  • Defining your management style, helping you lead meetings and workshops, time management, and so on.
Whatever your reasons are, I am here to help you achieve your goals!
My deepest desire is to show you ways to make you feel good & successful in every area of your life…
Don’t wait any longer & DM me!

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I share personal experiences as well as psychodynamic theories, business strategies and mental health news.

Unlock your potential now!

Truly Yours,

Margareth van Steenlandt

Your dedicated Coach & Counsellor

What to expect from your first session?

Our work begins with an initial intake meeting that typically lasts 60 minutes. The intake is an opportunity for the two of us to get to understand your goals and obtain a comprehensive sense of current concerns.

At the end of the intake I provide feedback, share my first thoughts, describe how I may be helpful and summarize the next steps of our plan. The intake is also an opportunity for you to get to know my style and approach and answer any additional questions about what it would be like to work with me.

Complimentary Introductory Call – 30 minutes

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