Life Coaching & Counselling Services

Bear in mind the two services offer a distinct type of work.  I explain them thoroughly during our first complimentary session or discovery call.

They may be complementary at times and you can definitely switch from coaching to counselling once the coaching programme has ended, if you feel the need or desire of course. However, I do not switch from coaching to counselling during a session.

You can get a better idea in my directory of services.

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Services described

1. Intercultural Coach & Life Coach
2. Counsellor, integrative approach

Business Coaching

Acceptance + Change + Training + Insights + Optimisation + Navigation = ACTION!

The aim is to improve your company performance significantly by getting a better understanding of your management style and thus boost employee engagement.

We also work on crucial topics and roles such as staff mobility, teamwork, leadership, recruitment, and use of social media.

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