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Expatriation Series – All episodes at Once!

The Expatriation Series is all about the different aspects of Expatriation & challenges we all face when moving abroad. How to be well-prepared, how to embrace the new adventure, how to adjust, and how to do so while sticking to our own values and keeping our identity as well as the well-being of our family. One episode per week (5 in total).

Episode 1 – How to find your ‘Moai’ as an expat? – Finding your new tribe.

Episode 2 – How to cope with loss at a distance – An excruciating time, even harder to cope with when you live abroad.

Episode 3 – How to adjust to the new work mindset abroad? – Getting a good understanding of the work environment, codes and way of interacting professionally abroad.

Episode 4 – Looking after a loved one as a carer abroad – Moving abroad is draining. Adjusting to a new culture and system is daunting. Adapting to a new health system with a disabled or sick relative may look like a roller coaster!

Episode 5 – Bringing ‘Whiskers’ abroad? A few tips. Moving overseas with your pet.

I do hope this series will help you find the right direction for you. Whatever the challenge you may be facing, getting help is always courageous and useful – my expat services.

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