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Giving Hope and Support in these Unprecedented Times

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We are experiencing challenging times emotionally, psychologically, economically, socially & politically. Every area seems to be affected. Very hard in these unprecedented times to feel well-balanced, find a ‘good enough’ area one could rely on. Uncertainty, insecurity, fear and rejection seem to be increasing in an unreliable world.

However, we need hope, we need to believe and we need one another! It may sound surprising given the terms I have just used, but I sincerely believe that we can make a difference. How? First, by getting greater self-awareness to understand one’s blind spots, the roots of any potential fear, and assess the right boundaries one may need. This, in turn, helps to avoid any unfair projections or transferences and step back from overwhelming news.

During the lockdown, I wrote an article on loss & grief in a crisis that has left many unable to see their loved ones one very last time. Have a look at it if you have had to endure such an excruciating loss, How to Cope with Loss in Covid-19 World?

My latest article is all about narcissism and emotional abuse. ‘ If you were raised by a narcissist, your brain has been trained to think in a specific way and accept behaviours that you may have sensed were not right but you were told then they were perfectly acceptable. You were being too sensitive or too selfish in your parent’s mind. And of course, as a child, you believed your parent and wanted to ‘please’ him/her. ‘ More right here -> How Being Raised by a Narcissist Damages your Self-Esteem & Relationship Dynamics

Two very different topics, but both about dealing with loss and understanding our attachment style, the bond we forged with our caregivers in infancy and childhood. More details on attachment style

And as always, Take Care, Stay Safe!

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