Why do you need an expat coach?

Finding a new Direction



The world is changing fast and we all need to adjust. Globalisation is a widely used term now and that means international mobility.

Moving abroad is usually perceived as a new adventure, our mind filled with great expectations. However, the initial euphoric stage known as ‘Tourist Stage‘, when nearly everything is sunshine and rainbows, may be followed by a dramatic plunge.

A deep sense of loss starts kicking in. You miss your friends, family, habits, and you may realise that your usual behaviours are misunderstood in the new culture. You feel somehow deprived of your identity since the image of you the locals send you back does not reflect who you are usually.


When you move into an unfamiliar environment, your old habits are uprooted which in turn leads to a very disturbing inadequacy. This may cause psychological uncertainty, really tough to face in an unknown culture where no one seems to respond the same way you usually do.

Due to these overwhelming feelings, up to 50% of overseas placements fail or end precipitately.

Spouses may be at loss too, struggling to adapt. Kids have to meet new friends and accept a new way of interacting. It also means career changes for some and definitely facing a new mentality at work.

Expat divorce rate is unfortunately much higher than average.

BUT there is a whole different and happy side of expatriation depending on how you approach it and feel supported.

What to expect? Feel at home abroad!

Getting ready

Settling in in a new culture is way easier when the move has been well prepared. How to handle this change, get a better understanding of your strengths & resources. Why have you decided to move abroad, what are your motivations? This helps you understand the reasons behind & get psychologically prepared. Is your family ready for this and supportive? Are your pets moving with you?

On leaving

How to end a chapter and start a new one? Do you see this move as a new start or as a continuity? How to say goodbye to your friends, family, habits? What are the reactions around you? Do you feel ready or is there any unfinished business you are leaving behind? Do you have any sick members in your family and what is the impact on you? Do you have pets and how have you been handling this?

Landing & Settling in

Getting to know the new culture, codes, job market, ecucation system, health care, real estate market, and mentality at work. How to connect with people, find your tribe? Do you have any sick members in your family who have moved with you? How to cope with culture shock, language issues? How is the spouse reacting? What could be the potential issues and find a way to solve them.

Two New Packages - click the pic!

The more you know about a country’s culture, the easier it gets to master its cultural nuances. The goal of this intercultural package is to improve your knowledge of the host country (either France or England) & learn the cultural differences you will be facing or are facing. It will help you get the cultural tools you need to work and live in the host country.

Your Projects Abroad

All about supporting you with your projects. A career change? Helping your spouse to settle in? Understanding cultural differences in regard to your project? Setting up your own business? Helping employees to settle in? Helping understand intercultural dynamics in the workplace?

For Individuals & Businesses

As an accredited Life & Business Coach, highly experienced expat, my services are designed for individuals as well as companies, managers & employees. Moving abroad & settling in in a new environment is a fascinating challenge but is still a challenge. The more you get prepared, the more you are aware of your ressources and skills, the better the experience abroad.

I use specific tools, mainly inspired by cognitive therapy, that are flexible according to your projects, potential issues and goals.

Have a look at my directory of services to get a better idea of my approach and tools.

Seminars & Worshops


Regular events dedicated to expatriation in Paris & London. An opportunity for expats to walk away feeling better about their expatriation.Culture Shock & Reverse Culture Shock, Language Fatigue, Psychological issues, Cultural differences, Family, Loss & Grief abroad, Health Care abroad, Career Change & Work Mentality abroad.