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New Series Coming Up! Being an Expat.

Following a conference I gave on culture shock & reverse culture shock, I’m about to post a mini-series on expatriation to offer you psychological & emotional tips as well as practical advice.

When I first moved to London, it was quite a hassle since I had to wait for about 6 months to be able to bring my cat. Then, Muesli was not allowed to get on the Eurostar, so I had to rent a car to drive to Calais and get on a ferry to Dover.

✈️ However, I found out the true meaning of ‘hassle’ when I had to move back to Paris ten years later with no French bank account, no home, no health insurance within a surprisingly unfamiliar environment!

I am now a member of several international groups & expat groups. There is a serious need to address and I hope this series will help you out.

To each and every expat who reads this, I truly understand what you may be going through and this mini-series may bring to light some issues you are facing.

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Episode 1 – How to find your ‘Moai’ as an expat?

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