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A reminder of the different publications I write for

I would like to thank the various publications I have been writing for and that have helped many overcome tough challenges, especially in times of insecurity and uncertainty we have all been facing lately.

  • UK Mental Health Publication PsychReg –
  • UK Carers Newspaper –
  • US publishing platform Medium –
  • Medium publications that have selected my work many times: The StartUp & Noteworthy to name a few
  • UK Membership Body APA’s newsletter –
  • And more to come 🙂

Please find below some articles that have been widely acknowledged.

  • The Power of the Brain -The Intelligence of Emotions (neuroplasticity),
  • Owning a Pet is Good for our Well-Being ( Animal-Assisted Therapy°,
  • Expat Life: Is it all Sunshine & Rainbows? (Expatriation),
  • How to Adjust to the new Work Mindset Abroad? (published in the StartUp),
  • Body Image – Why it may affect our Well-Being? (published in The Noteworthy Journal),
  • Employee’s Well-Being, Reframing Company Culture Now! (published in the Noteworthy Journal),

And I would also like to thank you all for following me. I do hope my published work can help you deal with and understand complex situations as well as face any hardship you may be going through.

As always, Take Care & Stay Safe!

Warm wishes,


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