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The Approach

A safe holding environment

You are at the centre of the sessions, not the theories. Of course, they are of great help but I do not promote or I am not in favour of a specific one. I work with you, at your own pace in your own time based on YOUR emotional needs and desires. I have been in therapy myself for many years and my deeper desire is to offer you a good-enough counselling service. This is based on talking therapy, so that you can share your feelings and worries in a safe and confidential space.


Feeling stuck, incomplete? WHY? We both try to get to the bottom of your issues and understand their ROOTS. Once you are able to identify the roots of your current issues or of the self-limiting beliefs you may have, you can face any obstacles life throws at you for you know HOW to respond to them PERMANENTLY. This approachrequires more sessions. Counselling may be used for both spheres, personal and professional.

I was trained as a Certified Psychodynamic Counsellor in London where I luckily lived for over 10 years. Fully bilingual EN/FR. PAM accredited and core member of UK Ayanay Membership Body.

What does ‘Psychodynamic’ mean?

Psychodynamic interest in personal development focuses on the relatedness to self and others, the formation of character, and the place of emotions in the developping person. This approach helps the client to own his/her emotions, understand the impact on his/her life and on the relationships formed, paving the way to a well-rounded and happier self. For more details, click right here or Info button below.

The counselling services I provide are based on the psychodynamic training I underwent. The approach is integrative using psychodynamic & analytic theories. Learn  more about the ‘psychodynamic’ approach here!

The coaching services help you get back on the right track with a bespoke plan/programme to help you reach YOUR goals and learn to live in the here and now, strengthening your skills and self-confidence.

I know how crucial it is to feel secure in the relationship you form with your counsellor and to be in a safe space. Click right here ‘Your Counsellor’ section or ID Card icon below to get a better understanding of the training I attended and some of the hands-on experiences I have had. Please contact me should you need further information.

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Why have I become a Counsellor and Life Coach?

I have had to make tough decisions in my personal life. I felt the need to take a different path, to accept past experiences too. I must say the psychodynamic course I attended and the compulsory therapy I took for many years have been life-changing. Therapy opened my mind and truly changed my life positively.
All I want for others is to feel aligned with themselves, their own values -not anyone else’s. To some, it may be coming to terms with the grieving or wounded child inside; to others, it may be learning to live in the here and now with specific goals, or a combination of both.
Whatever your reasons are, I am here to help you achieve your goals!
My deepest desire is to show you ways to make you feel good & successful in every area of your life…
Don’t wait any longer & DM me!

Set out on a new journey leading to fulfilment and well-being now!

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Complimentary Introductory Call – 30 minutes

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A Balanced Life to achieve Wholeness

What to expect from your first session?

Our work begins with an initial intake meeting that typically lasts 60 minutes. The intake is an opportunity for the two of us to get to understand your goals and obtain a comprehensive sense of current concerns.

At the end of the intake I provide feedback, share my first thoughts, describe how I may be helpful and summarize the next steps of our plan. The intake is also an opportunity for you to get to know my style and approach and answer any additional questions about what it would be like to work with me.

Why I keep making the same mistakes

Why I don't feel satisfied

Why I keep being attracted by negative people

How to stop unhelpful patterns

How can I get a more balanced life

Expatriation Issues

Illness & Emotional Support

Counselling Ethics

Active Listening


Freedom of Choice

You make your own decisions, I provide the structure

Safe Space

Providing Empathy and Trust


You are busy and I am here to help you


Working together to the same end, self-improvement

New Perception

Achieve your goals based on the newly acquired perception