Business Coach

Acceptance + Change + Training + Insight + Optimisation + Navigation = ACTION!

Team & Management Coaching

International & Bilingual Coach highly experienced in the real estate field as a branch and sales manager. I started as a property consultant and climbed the ladder quite fast. My main experiences in the real estate field have been located in Paris.

I also set up my own company in London specialized in bespoke private events, developing partnerships with high-end houses, main museums and theatres in London and Paris. I lived in London for over 10 years and have a very good understanding of globalisation and diversity.

Should you have any further questions about my professional experiences, do not hesitate to contact me!

Margareth van Steenlandt


Business Coaching Services

Team Coaching


  • Fostering Trust to create a compelling Company Culture
  • Creating Open Communication in your team
  • Boosting Autonomy
  • Resolving any conflicts or misunderstandings
  • Improving Commitment & Shared Goals
  • Understanding Diversity
  • Accepting the challenges globalisation brings
  • Using and Understanding Social Media


  • People bringing themselves to work
  • Greater Commitment & Involvement
  • Better acceptance of Feedbacks & of any potential changes
  • Better understanding of the Company Culture  & Team Work
  • Greater Involvement in proper Communication
  • Greater Acceptance of the world challenges and what diversity brings to the team performance
  • Greater Visibility of your company on social media
  • And… a great increase in your company performance!

Mobility & Expatriation

I have been through all the administrative consequences a move abroad leads to as well as culture shock and adaptation.

I am now able to offer my support and make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • Before the move – check the main points you need to think about for you and your family
  • Adapting to a new business culture
  • Adapting to a new social mindset
  • Reverse Culture Shock for expats moving back to France
  • Finding hobbies, sports centres, international groups and organisations according to your needs
  • Travel Pet Scheme

Management & Leadership

  • Getting to know yourself better: optimizing your strengths and your influence
  • Leading your team(s) efficiently
  • Prioritizing and Time Management
  • Spending your energy properly – Energy Management
  • Defining your management style
  • Leading Meetings


Due to the psychodynamic course I attended and my previous roles as Branch and Sales Manager, I am able to help you:

  • Screen applicants
  • Evaluate their profile and potential
  • Evaluate their commitment
  • Integrate new members to the group