Business Coach

Acceptance + Change + Training + Insight + Optimisation + Navigation = ACTION!

Team & Management Coaching

International & Bilingual Coach highly experienced in the real estate field as a branch and sales manager. I started as a property consultant and climbed the ladder quite fast. My main experiences in the real estate field have been located in Paris.

I also set up my own company in London specialized in bespoke private events, developing partnerships with high-end houses, main museums and theatres in London and Paris. I lived in London for over 10 years and have a very good understanding of globalisation and diversity.

Should you have any further questions about my professional experiences, do not hesitate to contact me!

Margareth van Steenlandt


Business Coaching Services

  • In-Person One to One Coaching
  • Skype/Zoom One to One Coaching
  • Workshops on a specific theme
  • Group Support
  • Team Coaching
  • Mobility & Expatriation
  • Management Coaching
  • Recruitment - Screening & Evaluating applicants

Team Coaching


  • Fostering Trust to create a compelling Company Culture
  • Creating Open Communication in your team
  • Boosting Autonomy
  • Resolving any conflicts or misunderstandings
  • Improving Commitment & Shared Goals
  • Understanding Diversity
  • Accepting the challenges globalisation brings
  • Using and Understanding Social Media


  • People bringing themselves to work
  • Greater Commitment & Involvement
  • Better acceptance of Feedbacks & of any potential changes
  • Better understanding of the Company Culture  & Team Work
  • Greater Involvement in proper Communication
  • Greater Acceptance of the world challenges and what diversity brings to the team performance
  • Greater Visibility of your company on social media
  • And… a great increase in your company performance!

Mobility & Expatriation

I have been through all the administrative consequences a move abroad leads to as well as culture shock and adaptation.

I am now able to offer my support and make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • Before the move – check the main points you need to think about for you and your family
  • Adapting to a new business culture
  • Adapting to a new social mindset
  • Reverse Culture Shock for expats moving back to France
  • Finding hobbies, sports centres, international groups and organisations according to your needs
  • Travel Pet Scheme

Management & Leadership

  • Getting to know yourself better: optimizing your strengths and your influence
  • Leading your team(s) efficiently
  • Prioritizing and Time Management
  • Spending your energy properly – Energy Management
  • Defining your management style
  • Leading Meetings


Due to the psychodynamic course I attended and my previous roles as Branch and Sales Manager, I am able to help you:

  • Screen applicants
  • Evaluate their profile and potential
  • Evaluate their commitment
  • Integrate new members to the group