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Services described

1. Intercultural Coach & Life Coach
2. Counsellor, integrative approach


Life Coaching

In this context, the main question is HOW and the approach is SOLUTION-oriented. From 5 to 10 sessions depending on the goals and concerns.


We both try to get to the bottom of your issues and understand their ROOTS. . This approach based on my psychodynamic training usually requires more sessions. Counselling may be used for both spheres, personal and professional.

Business Coaching

My STRATEGIES are focused on leadership, management style, recruitment, teamwork, social media use and mobiliy. Expatriation is also a significant component in today's business world. How to promote greater COMMUNICATION and ENGAGEMENT in the workplace and thus increase your company PERFORMANCE.


When you move into an unfamiliar environment, your old habits are uprooted which in turn leads to a very disturbing inadequacy. Click on the pic to learn more on my EXPAT COACHING services.


UK Membership Body, Worldwide Recognition


The  life coaching and counselling service I provide is based on a safe space offering an active listening and partnership leading to a lasting change.

The business coaching service I provide is based on an analysis of your management style, the company culture, and the team performance mainly.

In-Person sessions, Skype calls, or whatever means suits you as long as the call is made in a context where you can feel safe, be ‘here with me’, and communicate easily.

As for businesses, please send me an email with your request.

I look forward to meeting you and setting out on this life-changing journey with you!

Your Life Coach & Business Strategist


Complimentary Introductory Call – 30 minutes

(packages not included)



Trained as a psychodynamic counsellor in London, former cancer Helper via Marie Curie Cancer Care, and member of a psychological support at the NHS, I have noticed the increasing need for a genuine emotional support.

My life coaching approach is solution-oriented: HOW to alleviate your current concerns to help you move forward now. We may use targeted exercises to help you achieve your goals.

Counselling: WHY. I use the psychodynamic approach – i.e.  the client’s relationship dynamics towards the external world – with specific insights to help you understand the roots of your behaviour.

Business Strategies: focusing on your management style, strengthening your leadership, improving communication, fostering employee engagement, refining the hiring process. Mobility & Expatriation understanding.

Why Polychromatic? The term represents the different perceptions one may have about life, one’s various experiences – past and present.

Polychromatic means the different shades life offers, the different aspects of oneself.

The colours symbolize our self-acceptance, our readiness to integrate our past and forge the future by being in the present. It refers to the multi possibilities you will be able to visualise. A colourful life ahead by designing your life now!

Why a dragonfly? Dragonflies refer to adaptation, change, self-realization. These meanings are as crucial in personal development as they are in the workplace whatever your role is.

The wings show that everyone can take off his/her career, business, by adapting, getting to know oneself better. As for personal development, they symbolize the ability to move, to travel within oneself, to reach out to others, and the capacity to fly with your own wings towards your goals and fulfilment!


Living your purpose

Cognitive Reframing

Moving forward


Confidence & Self-Esteem

Stop to Self-Limiting Beliefs