Our work begins with an initial intake meeting that typically lasts 60 minutes. The intake is an opportunity for the two of us to get to understand your goals and obtain a comprehensive sense of current concerns.

At the end of the intake I provide feedback, share my first thoughts, describe how I may be helpful and summarize the next steps of our plan. The intake is also an opportunity for you to get to know my style and approach and answer any additional questions about what it would be like to work with me.

In a nutshell, understanding the relationship dynamics of the client. It is based on the use of a model or a number of models of how we might develop from infancy, through childhood and adolescence into adult life, and what this process imparts to us along the way.

The counsellor draws upon a single model or a number of models to understand what may particularly need to be adressed in order to assist a client towards the healing of emotional suffering, difficult relationships, or unwanted behaviours.

Psychodynamic interest in personal development focuses on the relatedness to self and others, the formation of character, and the place of emotions in the developping person.

This approach helps the client to own his/her emotions, understand the impact on his/her life and on the relationships formed, paving the way to a well-rounded and happier self.

Yes! My mother-tongue languages are English and French. I was trained in London and my analytical sessions were in English. I attended an American school in Paris right from kindergarten and lived in London for over 10 years. My stories are mainly written in English.

I would be more than happy to help you, using a language you feel comfortable with since it is easier to express your feelings and desires as well as share your own culture in the language you feel most comfortable with whatever your nationality is.

I totally understand your doubts. Due to my psychodynamic studies, I was very doubtful myself. And then I realized these disciplines were actually complementary!

However, you should get more details about the life coach’s backgroundand potential training, you would do the same for a therapist even though the disciplines are different. Click right here to understand the differences and expectations you may have.

When you move into an unfamiliar environment, your old habits are uprooted which in turn leads to a very disturbing inadequacy. This may cause psychological uncertainty, really tough to face in an unknown culture where no one seems to respond the same way you usually do. Contact me to settle in nicely or get prepared for another move.

I also offer French private tuition or in small groups. Go to my directory of services and click on French tuition. Fees in FAQ.

Team Coaching – Conducting interviews and identifying the team’s needs, goals, and their communication style. Boosting creativity and autonomy. Workshops available. More details by clicking on Team Coaching & Management Tab.

Recruitment – Thanks to the psychodynamic course I attended combined with my business experiences as a branch and sales manager, I can help you screen and evaluate your potential candidates. Evaluate their relationship dynamics, identify their goals & commitment. More details on Team Coaching & Management tab.

Due to my personal experiences and thanks to the hands-on experiences I’ve had with Marie Curie Cancer Care and the NHS in London, I am fully able to help you go through this traumatic phase of your life, soothe your emotional pain as much as we both can, and offer an emotional support to your family. They most probably feel their lives have become a rollercoaster too.

Quite popular nowadays, my clients abroad use this great means of communication. It offers other benefits such as flexibiliy and time-saving.

It is indeed as effective as in-person sessions as long as the call is made in a quiet room, you feel comfortable with no fear of eavesdropping, and you are ‘here and now’ with me so that the conversation is as deep as it must be to get the expected results.

The In-Person Sessions are located in the centre of Paris.

Various locations in Paris depending on your availability.


  • Please note that I require a 48-hour cancellation notice prior to the scheduled session.
  • Please note that the fees of the rented room will be charged in case of any cancellations (usually around €20).
  • 100% of the total amount will be charged if you cancel your attendance after the required cancellation notice or no show.


  • Please note that there is no refund policy.
  • 100% of the total amount will be charged if you cancel your attendance or no show.

Click on the stories tab or button below to learn more about my own journey, the theories I have learnt, and the hands-on experiences I’ve had. And if you are still unconvinced, just get in touch! Your dedicated Life Coach/Counsellor


Active Listening


Freedom of choice

You make your own decisions, I provide the structure

Safe Space

Providing Empathy and Trust


You are busy and I am here to help you


Working together to the same end, self-improvement

New Perception

Achieve your goals based on the newly acquired perception