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Are we really ill-equipped to tackle today’s society or is it just illusory collective anxiety?

There is no proper answer of course. It all comes down to interpretation, cultural contexts, upbringing, and perspectives. However, there is this one common feeling all over the world — the desire to go back to Mother Nature, to deep core values, and to a better understanding of one’s purpose in life.

Where does this urge come from?

Insecurity, fear of the unknown, robotization? Or rather a desire to belong, to participate in a meaningful life/world-changing experience? Most probably, a combination of all these aspects. We all need to feel useful, needed and with an authentic life purpose which could change our children’s and the world’s future, a seemingly daunting and gloomy fate.

In my mind — or actually the way I would like to see this -, we are not ill-equipped since or as long as we all try to make a difference in our own way. We should learn from each and every act or fact that does not match our core values and set the right boundaries at the right time for our own well-being as well as our loved ones.

In the quest for a meaningful world

I think one should accept to dig deeper into one’s own background in order to contribute properly to a more positive global future. The French saying ‘tout d’abord, balayer devant sa porte’- look to one’s own backyard first- may well be true in that sense. We need to own our deep issues, our positive and negative aspects, our roots and potential rough past. By doing this we will feel positively empowered. The constructive impacts we may then have on a better and more meaningful world should be significant, with high-quality seeds speeding proper germination

Global climate change, wildlife protection, naturopathy, ‘back-to-nature’ trends in interior design and in maternity wards for instance, have never been more talked about. Earth is indeed compared to the mother, both seen as nurturers. The destruction of nature and the increase in automation — on the other end of the spectrum — are perceived, rightfully at times, as a direct attack on our nurturer upon whom we all do rely. Hence, the urge and need to protect her and us by going back to principles dear to mankind since the dawn of time.

Why Now?

But why now? Most probably due to an overwhelming awareness of the devastating cost human almightiness has been generating and can now be talked about absolutely everywhere on so many different social platforms. This mind-boggling enlightenment triggers guilt, originated in our involvement, that must be ‘repaired’. Hence, the hunger, as intense or extreme as our guilt is, for saving our Planet Earth and Mother Nature.

Therefore, today’s society is most probably a reflection of our own flaws, our lack of proper self-analysis leading to despair, growing misunderstanding, blaming the unknown or more precisely the aspects one doesn’t want to look at in oneself.

On the other hand, the guilt triggered by the extinction of species, the destruction of nature, global warming — and way more -, leads to a hunger for deep values, a thoughtful and kind path to positive change, a desire to re-build together and design a meaningful life.

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