Self-Awareness, the path to happiness!

Planting high-quality seeds for a high-quality life

Self-awareness plays a critical role in how we comprehend ourselves and the way we may be viewed by others. It is believed that a more elaborate sense of self-awareness emerges at around one year old and gradually matures by roughly two years old. So let’s see the meaning of this now commonly used word and how this could be your pathway to happiness.

Two types of self-awareness: internal and external

Internal self-awareness represents the inward understanding of our own values, perceptions, strengths, weaknesses, how we relate to others and the way we may respond to them. External self-awareness means understanding how others perceive us, with our qualities and flaws. The two are independent of each other, meaning you could be low on one type but high on the other. The aim is to balance the two of course to get a good grasp on your overall self-knowledge and the way you relate to others and the world. It also plays a key role in your workplace and the way you relate to your employees or your employer. There have been many studies on self-awareness and leadership as well.


It is widely thought that introspection means proper self-awareness or, at least, the best way to improve your self-awareness. I shall question this as I have understood, thanks to my psychoanalytic studies in London and my clever therapist, that this is unfortunately not good enough. Introspection is indeed compulsory but the most important part is to analyze yourself properly. People have the tendency to ask themselves the ‘wrong question’ starting by ‘Why?’ — ‘Why did I miss this opportunity?’, ‘Why was I misunderstood?’, ‘Why this didn’t work out?’, etc. It usually leads to a negative vicious circle of guilt, shame, and as you may have guessed by now, totally unhelpful unfortunately. A question starting instead by ‘What?’ is way more supportive and reflective. Just think about ‘What do I need to get better or improve myself?’, ‘What could I do to solve this issue?’, which actually sounds way more positive and stimulating as well!

Self-awareness represents a major step in creating what you desire, believe in, and in understanding your thoughts, emotions, reactions, actions. By getting a good grasp on them, you are then able to master them and take control of your life, lead it the way you want to. By getting to know yourself better in a positive and kind way, you can make the ‘right for you’ changes in your life, your own pathway to happiness…

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