Business – Adjusting to New Circumstances Overnight

Online Events & Talks since Covid-19 outbreak

Overnight our everyday life changed. We have all been affected by Covid-19 crisis wherever we live, in different proportions indeed. Talks & conferences I had planned to give had to be either suspended or cancelled.

I was supposed to give a presentation on mental health in London, another in Cardiff, and then one in Paris. All postponed. What a strange feeling! And like many of us, after the shock and disbelief (it cannot be happening, it won’t last too long), I had to adapt to these new circumstances.

And I did! I have been giving online talks in French and in English. I gave a presentation on loss & grief to the Cercle des Gens Bien & Bienveillants, on expatriation and cultural differences thanks to UK Accreditation Body APA, weekly sessions on cognitive techniques to Cercle des Gens Bien & Bienveillants members during the lockdown (how to boost resilience and adjust to changes and uncertainty).

I also wrote for mental health publications to offer emotional tips and psychological support, Giving Hope & Support in these unprecedented times.

I am used to offering online sessions, so that was a given. However, some clients do prefer in-person sessions and I needed to adjust to their needs, either by explaining the new structure (the framework of online therapy must be detailed so that the holding environment is still felt as safe) or by postponing our in-person sessions.

What strategies did you use to help yourself cope with any negative thoughts and feelings that showed up in response to adversity? Did you come up with helpful/successful solutions or ideas in your own field?

There are many ways and cognitive tips to boost your resilience in times of adversity. You can create new strategies, modernising your business and challenging yourself in a positive way. You want to know how? Contact me for more!

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