French Tuition

Do you want to speak like the 'Frogs'? French like the locals!

The best way to understand a new culture is to be able to ‘speak the same language’ as the locals.

I offer private tuition or in small groups (up to 6) in English and French to all expats and foreigners with a specific focus on the French culture and everyday vocabulary. Bespoke Service adjusted to all levels.

For Beginners, lessons can be taught in a café or strolling in Paris to get the Parisian vibes and the first useful expressions and vocabulary. If French is required for a specific professional context, let’s do a role play and get into the context step by step. If you are already fluent but would like to get a better idea of the French culture & history, let’s have a conversation together in French! Have a look at my articles in French to help you out.

I used to be a translator & interpreter in EN & FR, lived in London for over 10 years and was raised in an International American school. Check my profile on LinkedIn or contact me to get more details

And if you need an expat coach to help you settle in, I will be happy to offer you the right support.

Private Tuition

One-to-one lessons, all levels. I fully adapt to the client's needs and pace. I can offer a bespoke service and suggestions. Easier to respond to any urgent need or specific demand. Either in a private room or strolling in Paris to get the Parisian vibes (especially for beginners). Professional context, let's do a role play together! Already fluent, let's have a conversation on French history & culture...
Price per hour: from €40 to €60 (depending on the format).

Small Groups up to 6

Better option if you like to share and talk about your experiences with other expats in French! For Beginners, classes can be taught in cafés or having a stroll in Paris to grasp the first useful terms. Professional need, I will plan a bespoke programme based on the group's common interests. Price per hour per person: €35


  • Please note that I require a 48-hour cancellation notice prior to the scheduled class re private tuition.
  • Please note that I require a 4 day cancellation notice prior to the scheduled class re group tuition.
  • 100% of the total amount will be charged if you cancel your attendance after the required cancellation notice or no show.